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What You Need To Know About Pink Tiles

When looking into redecorating everyone believes keeping the tiles neutral is the best way forward for a clean simple room. However, we are here to tell you that introducing coloured tiles into your home should not be worrying! Adding touches of colour into your home is a great way to banish those winter blues and start feeling refreshed. The stunning Rosa ceramic tile is a fantastic way to introduce colour into your bathroom or kitchen without being too intense. Subtle glossy pink tones illuminate the room and are superb for opening up smaller spaces.

Geometric lights are extremely popular with this tile. Graphic herringbone walls help complement the linear light perfectly but can also be laid in a horizontal brick pattern as well. Juxtaposed with plants in the bathroom it elevates the bathroom to a spa experience where relaxation is key.

Even as a feature wall this tile creates a stunning statement piece that will be the topic of conversation with family and friends. The past 10 years have been a buzz for grey minimal tiles but with the revival of the '70s having a more colourful home is starting to become popular again. Overall this tile is truly versatile, it can work as a bathroom tile or a kitchen tile and bring in a feeling of vintage decor but with an updated modern twist.

We have gorgeous imagery on our Instagram page of the rosa in a herringbone pattern along with matching paint swatches to inspire your home renovation plans. As well as featuring it on our website.

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