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How Grey Tiles Stylise Your Home

Often when people think of the colour grey what comes to mind isn't necessarily the most inviting thoughts, it's associated with being dull and drab so why would you want that feeling in your home? Well, we're here to tell you when it comes to grey porcelain tiles, they can totally reimagine your home into a sleek modern oasis of peace and tranquillity.

One of our best selling grey tiles is our Italy Silver range. The design of this tile combines a light silvery grey with a stunning concrete effect that creates beautiful textures of light and dark. When natural or artificial light hits this tile the detail in its texture is undeniable making it a gorgeous focal point for the walls and the floor.

This tile is one of the most highly versatile we offer as it can work in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and even out on the patio as it is available in 2cm as well making it durable for outdoor activities and weather.

The space that is most popular with our customers to use this tile is in the bathroom. Th ey come to us looking for a grey bathroom tile and instantly fall in love with it. It's perfect for the bathroom with Its matt finish with a soft grip making it safe to walk on while wet.

Additionally it is available in sizes 30x60, 60x60, and 80x80. So no matter the size of the space you are looking to redecorate Italy Silver will work on both wall and floor.

Silver Grey Tile for bathroom, kitchen and living space.
Italy Silver

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